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  • 12 Year WarrantyFor all styles

Why Choose Branded Batteries?

Compatible with all popular smartphones, Branded Batteries carries power banks and portable chargers that can be beautifully branded with your corporate logo. It is the kind of corporate gift / corporate giveway that will surely be appreciated by your recipients next time they find they find themselves with low battery.

Branded Batteries is an extension of the Promotional Drives brand, which is North America’s second large supplier of custom-branded promotional USB drivers. As such, we bring the same hassle-free philosophy to our custom-branded power banks and portable chargers. There are no setup fees, no hidden charges. Shipping is free, all products come with a 12 year warranty, and if we commit to your deadline, we guarantee we will deliver before it!

Whether you prefer the classic stick style power bank, or the sleek card style portable charger that can fit in your wallet, Branded Batteries has you covered!

Why us

At Branded Batteries, we are 100% committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We have worked hard at perfecting our craft, and over time, we have discovered the best way to continue to serve our branded power banks to you in the best way possible.

We pride ourselves in our two-team approach to fulfill every order of branded power banks to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Team 1: Communications

We at Branded Batteries believe customer satisfaction doesn’t start and end with the product. Instead, we believe it starts much before you’ve even requested pricing for one of our four models of customizable portable chargers.

That is why, our communications team starts working hard to ensure your complete satisfaction from the very moment you say ‘hello’.

To help us do this, our communications team lives by three promises:

Promise 1 – Speed: We will always respond to your queries as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours. Branded Batteries is committed to making the ordering process as easy for you as possible.

Promise 2 – Transparency: Our highly trained communications team will never make a promise we cannot keep. This means that we will never include any hidden fees (eg: set-up, delivery, printing) in any of our quotes. With Branded Batteries, you can rest assured knowing that what you see is what you get.

Promise 3 – Constant Care: Our communications team will never tire of speaking to you. To that end, they will create as many virtual proofs (a digital rendering of what our models will look like with your artwork) as you like until you are happy. A dedicated account manager will continue to be in touch with you after your order has been delivered to ensure our customizable portable chargers live up to your high standards.

Team 2: Production

At Branded Batteries, we pride ourselves in the superior quality of our craft. We have an entire team working tirelessly to ensure each and every single branded power pack functions exactly how it is supposed to.

In their efforts to do so, our manufacturing team strives to fulfill three promises:

Promise 1 – High Quality Printing: We understand that your decision to purchase one of our branded power packs is to promote yourself, or your business. That is why we take great care in ensuring each and every single unit of branded power packs is covered in high quality printing to give your brand the exposure it deserves.

Promise 2 – Warranty: We are so proud and confident in our production of your branded power packs, that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. This means that even if a single unit of your branded power pack does not work as expected, we will replace it for you – for free.

Promise 3 – Guaranteed Delivery: Our process of manufacturing your order of branded power banks has gone through several iterations. As a result, we have now perfected this craft down to the very last detail. This is why we are prepared to guarantee your delivery deadline (not when it ships, but when it reaches you). So, if we have accepted your order of branded power banks with a delivery deadline that we fail to meet (for any reason whatsoever) – your entire order is on us!

So place your order today, and Re-Energize Your Brand.


Excellent - prompt responses and exceptionally fast creation and delivery. I would highly recommend this company and would have no hesitation using them again. Thank you!

Sophie Howard

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