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The card shaped wallet promotional power bank model stands out from other custom and promotional portable charger models for a few reasons. Firstly, the card shape of the powerbank offers many benefits. Having studied the success of card shaped products in the promotional USB drives industry, it is not surprising that a card shaped portable charger inherently draws a lot of attention because of its shape. The real benefit however is the branding possibilities the large surface area allows for.

The Card Power Bank can be branded along the full surface area, on both sides, using full color photo printing. The immersive branding experience allows companies and organizations to truly translate their corporate and brand identity onto this promotional product. It is not just limited to logos and slogan, but full color photos and images can be printed exactly like you would see in a top-tier magazine.

At 96 x 62 x 7 mm, this card shaped portable charger is extremely convenient to carry around in the pocket. This means recipients will be carrying your brand around with them everywhere in a cool and attention grabbing format.

The cardshaped promotional power bank model comes with an iPhone adapter. This means you do not need to worry about what smart phone model your recipients are using, as it will be compatible with all popular smartphones regardless of whether it is an Apple phone or an Android phone. It works with tablets as well!