Promotional Power Banks And Custom Printed Portable Chargers

Browse the various styles of customized and corporate logo branded Power Banks / Portable Chargers we carry. Promotional power banks are emerging as extremely popular corporate promotional items recently. This is probably due to their inherent usefulness. Smart phones are very popular, running into low battery situations is very common, and smart phone users are always looking for that next charge. Now they will be reaching for their custom branded portable chargers, printed with your logo and branding!

We understand that different events may have different needs, which is why we carry a range of promotional portable chargers. From our promotional power sticks, which is a light and easy to carry version, to our Power Bank Card which allows for a full-branding experience, to our Power Brick which is a heavy duty portable charger, we have your needs covered.

Send us your logo/artwork and we will send you a proof for the power bank model you are interested in, demonstrating what it would look like with your logo printed on it. Or if you are unsure of which model to go with, we will create proofs for all models, which will help you decide!